• Using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are recommended) please go to https://talofapass.as.gov
    • Click on Create Account button
    • follow the menus and fill in your information - name, email, etc.  
    • TALOFAPASS will then email you a 6 digit code, do NOT close the browser while you are waiting for this.  Use another browser window to open your email and check your unread mail
    • Enter the 6 digit code in the TALOFAPASS password reset screen
    • Complete filling out your details such as date of birth, phone number, etc.
    • Check the box to confirm you are 18 years or older, then click Create button
    • Complete the vaccination information screen or if you do not have this information you may skip it and fill it in later.

If you are in Oahu and need local assistance with TALOFAPASS, you can also bring your travel documents to the local ASG Hawaii Office located at:


  • Travelers will need an email address to create a TALOFAPASS account, as important information is often sent to that email address. 
    • If you are creating a trip for others in your party, you may need to advise them of information that is sent to that email address, like testing dates/times, changes to procedures, etc.
  • Reminder that trips need to be created no less than 14 days before departure date. 
    • You must create a trip for the flight you intend to take – if you have a ticket for a later flight, but are trying to fly standby, you need to create your trip more than 14 days in advance of the desired flight if you want to fly standby.
  • All travelers will need access to TALOFAPASS at key points in the process. 
    • If your trip application requires additional documents or resubmission of documents, you will be notified via the email address on your TALOFAPASS account and you will need to log in and make the specified changes.
    • Your travel party will also need to show their appointment QR code to check-in on flight day. ASG and partner staff cannot login to your account for you.