After you have created a TALOFAPASS account and are creating a trip, you will be required to upload travel documents. Some examples are:  passport, immigration ID card, American Samoa Certificate of ID, etc.

Once you have uploaded these documents and submitted your trip, the TALOFAPASS team will review your submission.  If any of your documents are rejected (e.g. copy is unreadable, wrong document submitted, etc.), you will receive an email notification and will need to re-submit.

To resubmit a document review these steps:

  • Check your email - you will receive an email with a notice and reason of document rejection
  • Go to and login to your TALOFAPASS account
  • Click on "Manage Trips" and view the active trip you had previously submitted
  • When your documents are rejected you will see a button labeled Update Trip, click on Update Trip (see image below)

  • Review the reason for rejection

  • Remove existing document by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner of the image (see image below)

  • Re-upload new document
  • Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes 
  • After you click "Update", your trip will be automatically re-submitted for review by the TALOFAPASS team.
  • As your trip is being reviewed, you will receive additional email notifications regarding your trip status and next steps that need to be taken.