When you create a new TALOFAPASS account or if you forgot/need to reset your current account password, the system will send an email with a verification code to the email address you used to create your TALOFAPASS account.

The email will be sent from noreply@talofapass.lumisight.com and the subject will be TALOFAPass - Verification Code.  It will look similar to the message below and contain a six digit numerical code that you will need to input into the web application screen.

If you cannot initially find the email, try these suggestions as different email clients can have unique behavior

  1. Please allow up to 5 minutes to receive the verification email.  
  2. Check your Junk or Spam email folders
  3. Some email clients like Yahoo have an Unread inbox that you will need to specifically click on as opposed to your main inbox.
  4. Most mail clients will allow you to perform a search of your entire email inbox.  Search for keywords like noreply@talofapass.lumisight.com  or TALOFAPass or Verification Code 

If you still cannot find your email, you can create a ticket at https://support.talofapass.as.gov/en/support/home and our support team can confirm if the verification email was sent and delivered to your email address.