Medicaid will cover the costs of COVID tests IF you are a bona fide America Samoa resident.  All travelers in your party will need to provide proof of American Samoa residency.  

You must submit any one of these documents for each traveler in your party as proof of residency when you create your trip in TALOFAPASS in the Travel Profile section of the application:

  • Valid American Samoa issued ID that is current (expired ID's are not accepted).  
    • Please make sure the expiration date is visible when you upload - you may need to upload both the front and back of the ID card.
  • A recent (within the last 2 years) utility bill with the passenger's name on it.
  • A recent (within the last 2 years) official piece of mail addressed to the passenger at his/her AS P.O. Box.
  • An affidavit from an AS church/organization confirming passenger's membership.
  • An AS tax return transcript, Recent Paystub, current Bank Statement with passenger's AS address (only passenger's name and address need to be viewable, other data can be redacted).
  • A valid AS school enrollment document.
  • A DOH immunization card (for children).

If you are unable upload or have difficulty, you may also email your documents to . Please state your TALOFAPASS trip ID in your email to assist with review.

For non-American Samoa residents:

  • You must self-pay for your COVID testing in Honolulu. The American Samoa Government is not responsible for this cost for non-resident travelers. 
  • If you take your 5 day COVID test at a location outside of Hawaii, the cost is dependent on where you schedule the test.
  • The fee at the TALOFAPASS Honolulu testing center is $145 per test.  
  • When you schedule your COVID test appointment on TALOFAPASS, you will be given an option to pay online. There is no option to pay at the testing center.  
  • Travelers can test anywhere in Honolulu, but they must manually upload their test results on their TALOFAPASS account for DOH approval. 
  • Tests MUST be a PCR COVID-19 test completed at a state-approved COVID-19 site and the test must be processed by a licensed clinical laboratory. 
  • Results for 1st test must be uploaded before the 2nd test. The 2nd test must be uploaded 14-hours prior to departure time, otherwise your seat will be given to a Standby traveler that has all his/her tests results in.   We strongly recommend all travelers register and complete their test via TALOFAPASS. 
  • COVID tests done outside of TALOFAPASS are not automatically uploaded onto the TALOFAPASS system.