Once you have created a TALOFAPASS account (see Creating a TALOFAPASS account) and have procured an airlines ticket, you must create a trip application in TALOFAPASS for the AS Government agencies to review and approve.


  • Click on Create a New trip

  • Select if you are arriving or departing American Samoa

  • Fill out the sections of the Create a Trip wizard.  When it asks to upload a document such as identification, flight confirmation, etc., click on the area (circled in red) to upload any picture or electronic image of your documents.

  • If you need to exit before you reach the end of the Trip wizard, select the Save & Exit button (circled in blue) to save your progress.  

  • You can come back to this trip in the Manage Trip section of TALOFAPASS and click on the View/Edit Trip Details or Finish Submitting button