This is a quick checklist of items needed when traveling with a pet TO American Samoa. A brief paragraph has been added at the bottom for pets OUTBOUND from American Samoa. 

All pets need the following to be met before they board a flight TO American Samoa either in cargo, or in cabin:

  1. International microchip implantation (9 digit microchip numbers are not valid) required for all pets; this microchip number must be listed on ALL documents.
  2. Two DHLPP vaccinations for all canines over 16 weeks of age with annual boosters thereafter provided while at your veterinarian office. Copies of the vaccination vial lot number must be listed on the CVI
    1. Two FVRCP/FeLV vaccinations for all felines over 12 weeks of age with annual boosters thereafter provided while at your veterinarian office. Copies of the vaccination vial lot number must be listed on the CVI
    2. Negative FeLV/FIV test for felines, current within 30 days of travel to American Samoa and listed under the "additional testing" section of the CVI by your veterinarian.
    3. Felines suspected of FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) are not allowed to travel to American Samoa.
  3. One Rabies vaccination for each animal current for their age with series / lot number of rabies vaccine used, manufacturer identity, and vial expiration date. The vaccine must have 6 additional months of efficacy for each pet upon arrival in American Samoa. Rabies Vaccination Certificate must be attached to the CVI (Prefer Standard Form CDC NASPHV Form 51)
  4.  One Rabies FAVN test completed and final from either Kansas State University, DOD, or Auburn University. Final FAVN Report copy must be attached to the CVI. All labs have a one to two month delay for processing FAVN tests before results are mailed USPS or emailed. 
  5. Treatment with Flea, Tick, Mange, Heartworm, Deworming medication within 30 days prior to landing in American Samoa. Treatments and product names must be written on the CVI by the administering veterinarian. 
  6. Copies of Spay and Neuter Certificates and/or Veterinary Certification of OHE / Neuter with current pet photo must be written on the CVI. Intact animals are not allowed to enter American Samoa. 
  7. Completed Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for all pets. Copies of all MUST accompany the pet upon arrival in American Samoa and will be reviewed by Customs, and / or USDA Territory Veterinarian. 
  8. Once all of this is completed and we have verification photos of the same documents and pet(s) above via email (, the DOH Veterinarian will contact our Dept of Agriculture to inform them your pet's medical clearance is complete. You or your veterinarian must contact the AS Dept. of Agriculture to obtain an import permit number and pay their fee. Once payment clears, the permit number will be provided to your veterinarian for entry onto your pet(s) CVI before the CVI is provided to the owner for travel to AS either in cargo or onboard with owner. 
  9. Import Permit and the CVI number needs to be entered into TALOFAPASS for the pets' portion of flight arrangements.
  10. At this time, pit bulls, pit bull crosses, and American Bull Terriers, are not allowed entry. 


Outbound pet regulations are controlled through USDA APHIS by your destination States and/or countries. 

For pets leaving the islands with a layover in Hawaii: 

  • Hawaii requires a series of two current Rabies vaccinations and current FAVN test result 30 days prior to travel to ensure your pets have a titer to battle Rabies should they be exposed. Some animals do not respond to Rabies vaccination via poor immune systems. Vaccination is not proof of an antibody titer. 
  • We additionally recommend a full series of viral vaccinations along with adequate deworming, flea and tick treatment to decrease opportunistic pathogens and parasites from instigating disease in your pet during travel stress. 
  • For additional pet travel details for your destinaton State or Country, click the link below, or copy to your browser:

For pets traveling other than Hawaii as a final destination, the above link to provides instructions for every State in the US, and International countries too.

For Additional Questions to ASG DOH Animal Services: